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Bliss Consulting has been providing training to the legal community since 1999. The training is co-ordinated by Natalie Wieland. Natalie was a practising solicitor for two years, initially in commercial law and then in family and criminal law. Natalie continues to work in a voluntary capacity at Port Melbourne legal advisory service.

Whilst practising law Natalie undertook a Graduate Program in Management Information Systems. Upon completion of the degree Natalie commenced training in legal research on the Internet and CD Roms, initially with Computer Law Services and then Butterworths , for a period of three years.

Natalie is now providing consulting services for Bliss Consulting.

Bliss Consulting can provide training services at your office or alternatively we will provide you with hands on training in our training facilities.

Bliss Consulting has as its' clients some of the largest law firms in Australia, together with Government Departments and Accounting firms.

"Natalie is an excellent trainer, whose practical approach and hands on sessions are always very useful. You will remember and be able to put into practice everything you learn from Natalie" - Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, Melbourne Office Librarian
"Our subscribers are always telling us how much they get out of Natalie's training sessions. Her preparation, knowledge of electronic legal research techniques and presentation style are fantastic. She makes it easy for anyone to improve their legal research skills." - TimeBase
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